Due to their good miscibility with refrigerants they are the best choice for applications with HFC/FC such as R134a, R404A, R407C. CO2, NH3, R22, R1234yf or R134a. This study tries to identify influence of oil-refrigerant solubility on the performance of refrigerant compressors. Depending on the type of compressor different kinds of bearings and bearing arrangements are chosen. C. Be extremely hygroscopic. structure PAG . Synthetic, polyalphaolefin-based refrigeration oils are described as not miscible with CO 2. A dynamic test facility was constructed and used to examine oil return under varying system operating conditions. The oils have good miscibility with R-12 and superior stability. CO2-oil minimum miscibility pressure (MMP) is a key parameter in CO2 enhanced oil recovery (CO2-EOR) process. - Toxicity - Leak detection - Flammability - Miscibility with oil - Effect on foodstuff - Stability Physical properties of refrigerant. POE oils are also compatible with hydrocarbons such as R290 propane and R1270 propylene. Oil requirements: Good refrigerant miscibility properties Reliable lubrication properties High stability in combination with HFO-1234yf Oil solution: POE or PAG …? Miscibility and stability in R 12, the older systems using the R 12 gasses were evaluated and cSt over temperature range -40 to 100°C show no abnormality in ranger concentration of 1 - 30 %. Presently, synthetic polyol esters have been selected for use with HFC refrigerants, such as R-134a, which are considered appropriate alternatives to CFCs. While HFC refrigerants may have desirable physical properties that make them appropriate long term refrigerant alternates, they lack miscibility with naphthenic mineral oils traditionally used as refrigeration compressor lubricants. READ PAPER. POE has good miscibility with mineral oils, whereas PAG oils have poor miscibility. In some instances there are some HFC refrigerants and compressors out there that were designed as drop-in replacements for older HCFC units. In the field of lubricants and lubrication technology, refrigeration oils are of particular importance. Miscibility is the ability of an oil to dissolve uniformly in refrigerant in either the liquid or vapor state. Due to their good miscibility with refrigerants they are the best choice for applications with HFC/FC such as R134a, R404A, R407C. Fundamentals of Petroleum and Petrochemical Engineering As can be seen from Fig. The authors will review the mechanical issues in miscible vs non-miscible naphthenic hydrocarbon oil-based lubricants. V. CONCLUSIONS Solubility and low temperature miscibility of refrigerants … www.gtu-mcq.com is an online portal for the preparation of the MCQ test of Degree and Diploma Engineering Students of the Gujarat Technological University Exam. 26 Full PDFs related to this paper. 5, the LCSTs for the mixtures of R407C with the lubricants with the viscosity grades 32 and 220 differ by 30-45 °С. Adequate miscibility, many believe, provides oil return to the compressor. A summary of most common refrigerants and their oil compatibility is detailed below. B. CompStar SK Series products are also recommended for use with Drop-In refrigerants (R402A/B, R401A/B, etc.). Lubrication Immiscible Suva R-134A (HFC) / BVA 3 (MO). POE oils are also compatible with hydrocarbons such as R290 propane and R1270 propylene. 1, R22 refrigerant compressor usually use mineral oil; R410A refrigerant compressor with organic synthesis oil commonly, common POE ( Ethers) 通过( Ester) 。 R410A cannot miscibility with mineral oil, R410A air conditioning system with mineral oil, R22 with) , which may lead to freezing oil degradation, generate metal salt hydrolysis. by:Arkool 2021-01-14. a, refrigerant thermodynamic properties of . Modern HFC and HFO refrigerants tend to use Polyolester (POE) oils, although some HFC blends specifically designed as "drop-in" retrofit gases for CFCs and HCFCs may have some tolerance to MO and AB oils. General properties of refrigerants and requirements. Data on the miscibility ofR‐32/125 and R‐125/143a with polyol ester lubricants are presented in this paper. Immiscible is when the oil and refrigerant do not mix and stay in two phases. POE are synthetic lubricants with high chemical and thermal stability. The miscibility of refrigerants with mineral oils is very important in the process of refrigerant substitution. RENISO - Refrigeration oils based on Mineral Oil, PAG, PAO or POE. PAG oils and CO 2 only allow limited miscibility (larger miscibility gap with CO 2). The miscibility values of promising refrigerants RE170 and mixed refrigerant RE170/R227ea with a mineral oil were studied. viscosity grade of the oil, the lower LCST of the refrigerant/lubricant mixture. Complete R-12(CFC) / BVA 3 (MO) R-134a (HFC) and RPOE LT 32 (POE) Partial R-22 (HCFC) / BVA 4 (MO) R-134A (HFC) / RPOE 68 (POE). refrigerant gaz r 1234 yf refrigerant gas r1234yf. POE oil with good miscibility with all refrigerants tested EXV for expansion control. POE are synthetic lubricants with high chemical and thermal stability. 1234yf refrigerant gas. If possible, the refrigerant must be odorless, but easy detection in the air is desirable. POE oils gener-ally offer good CO 2 miscibility. Older CFC and HCFC refrigerants tended to use Mineral Oil (MO) and Alkyl Benzene (AB) oils. refrigerant and oil, the new oil must be miscible with the old oil in the system. Systems using R 12 as refrigerant use mineral oil as lubricant and SEETUL RFL grades are found compatible with residual mineral oils and R 12 grades. Oil is used in refrigeration systems to lubricate compressor bearings and other moving parts. Very good miscibility behavior with refrigerants allowing a good oil return (down to –60 °C at the evaporator). Chemical properties of refrigerant. 10.9kg cylinder refrigerant gas r410a . 11. One of the most important characteristics of the oil is miscibility with refrigerant and good miscibility is usually acceptable. 10. HFC-134a Good Price pure and safety car air conditioner gas refrigerant 134a 1000g. The long lifetime expectations of refrigerant compressors are closely related to the high quality requirements of the used lubricants. Both the considered lubricant oils have of the four refrigerants in mixture with Fomblin lubricant shown a complete miscibility in mixtures with refrigerant are reported. Have a high dielectric strength . As mentioned in our mineral oil section the POE oil was selected for HFC usage to achieve acceptable miscibility between the refrigerant and the oil and also to provide sufficient lubrication to the compressor. This efficiency improvement is largely attributed to higher viscosity under dilution and temperature conditions. Reports have also indicated superior adiabatic efficiency of three to ten percent in these compressors when compared to naphthenic refrigeration oils. If refrigerant oil did the same thing—that is, if it remained in the R ch e. structur POE chem . Furthermore, a theoretical method of a new evaluation index was proposed to predict the miscibility of refrigerants with mineral oils with satisfactory accuracy. The series was specifically de-veloped for HFC refrigerants. In an automotive engine, motor oil stays in the crankcase where it belongs. POE oils is also more hydrolytic stable than PAG oils. Have a low miscibility with the system refrigerant. • Share refrigerant/lubricant property data and trends including miscibility, solubility and viscosity date for low GWP refrigerants with lubricants • Describe results for thermodynamic cycle modeling and system performance testing of several low GWP refrigerants in various applications. Suitable for the lubrication of highly stressed refrigerant compressors due to excellent stability Mineral oils typically used with R-22 has relativity low Miscibility with R-410A. This program was aimed at understanding refrigerant/lubricant circulation issues, developing test data and approximate models that can predict operating regimes where good oil management can be assured. It has a very good miscibility with refrigerants which have only limited miscibility with conventional mineral oils. FUCHS RENISO refrigeration oils for virtually all refrigerants e.g. ASWDC (App, Software & Website Development Center) Darshan Institute of Engineering & Technology (DIET) The properties of the oil selected must be suitable for this purpose. Alkyl Benzene lubricant would be most commonly associated with: A. R12 in an older style domestic refrigerator. It is essential that the oil in a hermetic compressor: A. Desirable chemical and safety properties comprise chemical stability within the working conditions in the refrigeration unit in the presence of used materials and lubricating oil, non-flammability, non-toxicity, good miscibility with oil.

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