[174], With the Fairy Tail Guild deciding to reform and rebuild, Lisanna moves about providing refreshments to the workers, telling Natsu that she and Mirajane worked as wait staff for the year they were apart. Mirajane (Edolas) (Sorella)Elfman (Edolas) (fratello) [135], After returning to Magnolia, Lisanna rides into town on a cheering Elfman's back, telling her brother to stop. Immediately, the pair gets wounded by an explosion. [86] After Lucy's loss, Lisanna and the other Fairy Tail member watch Jellal fight with Jura Neekis. Affiliation Levy manages to block the attack with Solid Script: Guard. [8], Her member stamp was originally red and was located on her left arm just below the shoulder,[4][9] however, as she was being sucked into the Anima, her member stamp disappeared. Lisanna was going to replace her. English Voice As the egg begins to hatch, Lisanna and the rest of the Fairy Tail members eagerly look on, until a blue winged cat emerges from the egg, enlightening Lisanna and Natsu. When Gajeel tells the group of their infiltration mission's dismal success rate, Lisanna is astounded. Fairy Academy - Yankee-kun and Yankee-chan! Sunday VS Magazine: Shuuketsu! Lisanna Strauss is a Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild, the younger sister of Elfman and Mirajane, and a childhood friend of Natsu Dragneel. [5] After Lisanna arrives back in Earth Land, she wears a light-blue striped shirt, with green short-shorts and sneakers. Although reluctant at first, Lucy agrees to his idea and the three are joined by Wendy, Carla and Panther Lily. [71], Whilst in the guild one morning, Lisanna overhears an argument between Macao and Romeo, the latter wanting the guild to participate in the Grand Magic Games now that the Team Tenrou has returned. Additional Friends Set "Lyon" PS4® Nintendo Switch; Steam® A set that includes the playable character "Lyon", an additional story, and costumes. Nome kanji [151] Lisanna and Natsu free themselves using the heat sword, and rush to save Erza from her captivity. [172] A week later, as Elfman mopes about causing the destruction of the guild, Lisanna tells him that its not his fault. Lisanna, having gained wings with Animal Soul: Bird, catches the two attacks and combines them together, attacking Kain with Triple Unison Explosion. Debuts Believing that Elfman has likely been captured as well, Lisanna grows gloomy over their state of affairs, noting Tartaros to be unlike anyone they've faced before. German. Elfman said that they already noticed, but just couldn't say it, and apologize. Lisanna was a young girl with short white hair and blue eyes. The guild finally returns to Earthland—along with a few other surprises. [7] After the 7 year time skip and during the Grand Magic Games Arc, Lisanna is seen wearing pink spaghetti shirt with a ribbon in the middle and long jeans with flower patterns on it. Lisanna asks Mirajane if she has seen the egg, which she denies. Kain then pulls out a strand of white hair and puts it on Mr. Cursey. [187] Arriving at the infiltration, Lisanna knocks away a few of the enemies before Mira reveals her Satan Soul: Mirajane Seilah and Lisanna explains to Juvia and Gray that Seilah would have died had Mira not taken her over. Eventually, only Sting remains, and, knowing this, the Sabertooth Mage calls all of Team Fairy Tail to his location. Una fascia con il marchio Fairy Tail era legata intorno alla vita e indossava sandali. [105], Later, the tag battle between Team Quatro Puppy and Team Blue Pegasus involving Bacchus and Rocker versus Ichiya and the mysterious Rabbit starts. Natsu is disappointed when he is rejected by Elfman, who says that a man should protect his family by himself. When she regained consciousness, she found herself in a different Fairy Tail Guild. [118] However, Minerva does make an appearance, and seeing the three powerful Mages begin to face off in a three-way fight, Lisanna comments on the unpredictable nature of the battle. Fairy Tail 95. rész "Lisanna" Ebort 188 videó 79 követő 18 0 4. Lisanna Strauss, the one that can separate her and her best friend and the one she loves, has come back from the 'dead'. Yomazu then uses his knowledge about runes to dispel the ones surrounding the camp just as Kain Hikaru arrives and attacks Elfman with Shining Dodoskoi. By Sage Ashford Jul 29, 2020 Introduced during the Edolas arc, Lisanna is a member of the Strauss family. Movie Debut [12] After seeing a softer side of the usually flamboyant Natsu, she stated that he was a lot like her sister and joked that perhaps later she should become his bride/wife which predictably freaked him out. Fighting them back with Elfman, Jet and Droy, Lisanna and her friends defeat the clones as Lucy arrives at their location. 8.20.2020. However, nobody seems to notice or remember anything about him joining. She is first introduced with long hair, tightly curled at the base, wearing a … Lucy has brown eyes and shoulder length blonde hair that is usually tied by ribbons in a variety of colors in a small ponytail to the right side of her head with the rest of the hair loos… Fairy Tail Omake: Natsu and the Dragon Egg, Page 2; Chapter Title shows six years backwards. Realizing that he’s the Natsu that she knows, Lisanna begins to cry. Cursey. Discover (and save!) Elfman suddenly suggests that they hold a festival in honor of the showdown and they all agree on it. TheSSUltimateGoku 1 1 Lisanna Strauss Ammsterdamn 169 2 Viking-Woman-Lisanna Strauss autumnrose83 13 2 Lisanna AbussLunaris 40 0 Lisanna AbussLunaris 52 7. Waitress[2]Edolas Dark MageFairy Tail (Edolas) Waitress [19], Upon seeing Lucy Ashley bullying who she thought was Natsu Dragion and Jet and Droy scolding Elfman, she arrives to tell them to stop. Megosztás. See more of Anime Fans Bulgaria on Facebook. [138], Lisanna, along with all the other girls, takes a bath in the new bathhouse and marvels at its size and appearance. After Mira puts most of the enemies to sleep, Lisanna notifies her that some are still awake, causing Mira to say that they will have to be dealt with the old fashioned way. Controparti [79] Lisanna then goes with the other Fairy Tail members to watch and cheer for the Fairy Tail team representing them in the competition. Lisanna (Edolas) Disney Analysis. However, their happiness is short-lived when Wendy arrives with Doranbolt to remind them of the countless Face bombs waiting to go off. [60], Lisanna, along with the others, is found alive and returns to the Fairy Tail Guild after being found by Bisca, Alzack, Jet, Droy, Max, Warren and the Trimens from Blue Pegasus. As the cat lands on top of Natsu's head, Lisanna acknowledges the sudden shift from anger to happiness among her peers, giving Natsu the idea of naming the blue winged cat Happy. Lisanna is shown as a young petite girl with short, white hair and blue eyes. So you must protect your wife and son." Game Debut Measurements87-54-82 Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: White Occupation: Mage Affiliation: Grand Alliance Status: Alive Family: Unnamed Parents (deceased), Mirajane Strauss (Older Sister), Elfman Strauss(Older Brother) Love Interest (s): Allies: Fairy Tail Enemies: Class: Skills: First Appearance: Voice Actor: Carrie Savage When Bacchus makes a perverted comment about her and Mirajane to Elfman, she is visibly disgusted. She tries to discourage Mirajane from trying to fight Erza and later watches as Elfman plays a game with Cana. After that, Lisanna and the others watch as Michelle arrives at the guild and explains to them why she came. Lucy Heartfilia (ルーシィ・ハートフィリア Rūshi Hātofiria) is a Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild, wherein she is a member of Team Natsu. See more ideas about fairy tail characters, fairy tail, fairy tail girls. [63], Later, Lisanna, Natsu, Happy, Mirajane, and Elfman wonder what to do with Lisanna's grave at the church, since she is alive. Seeing Natsu expressing care for his egg, Lisanna jokingly asks him if she can someday be his bride when they grow up, causing Natsu to blush. In their guild's camp, Freed and Levy are setting up their defensive runes while Lisanna treats Elfman's wounds. [124][125], Lisanna, along with the members of many other guilds, is summoned by the King, and is told of the impending invasion at the hands of the Dragons. Watching Yuri fall back to the ground lifeless once more, Lisanna and Elfman question what happened, only to be interrupted by Seilah of the Nine Demon Gates, who has been sitting watching them the entire time. [107] The fierce battle between the Dragon Slayers takes place with both sides intensely fighting for the win. [14], Sometime during her younger years, Lisanna’s parents died. [44] She is then seen with Levy back at the camp as they tend to Mirajane and Gajeel. [190], As the sandstorm dissipates, Lisanna and the others notice five mechanical beings standing before them. Fairy Tail then splits into groups to find the pieces of the clock. Harumi Sakurai The event then ends with both of Fairy Tail's teams in the bottom of the ranking. [50] After Erza defeats Azuma, the battle between Freed, Bickslow and Rustyrose resumes. [91] She is later seen alongside her brother in the clinic, and walks with the rest of Team Fairy Tail A and Carla back to the arena, where she realizes her older sister started her battle. Chaos subsequently ensues and both Lisanna and Natsu are saddened by the egg's disappearance, until Elfman enters the room with the egg at hand. [141] Lisanna then expresses her shock at hearing Lucy invite Flare to join Fairy Tail. Because Mirajane doesn't properly respond to Azuma, Azuma traps Lisanna in a set of roots and places a 180-Second Time Bomb on the roots, saying that the only way for Lisanna to get out is if he is defeated. Fairy Tail Manga: Volume 23, Bonus Content, Fairy Tail Omake: Natsu and the Dragon Egg, Pages 7-9, Fairy Tail Omake: Natsu and the Dragon Egg, Pages 13-14. [89] During the second day's second match, when Elfman is called to battle Bacchus, Lisanna is shocked and tells Macao and Wakaba, who openly expressed their disappointment, not to be mean. [152], Taking the Demon by surprise, the group hastily chain her up, with Lisanna demanding to know Mirajane and Elfman's locations. Created by Hiro Mashima. Paris Games Week . Season Pass; Costumes; Characters; Story; Characters. White In the anime Lisanna's grave is located both at her childhood base where she and Natsu raised Happy's egg, because Natsu made a grave of his own for Lisanna and in the Cathedral Church. Note Each content item can be enjoyed by advancing the game to a certain point. However, despite a tedious fight, Erza overcomes both of them, eliminating her and Juvia from the trial. Elfman and Mira watch as the water moves and conclude that it must be Lisanna’s work. Rōmaji Shinji Ishihira, the anime director for Fairy Tail, stated he purposefully left the matter of her death up in the air in the anime in the hopes that she was alive, which is proven to be true as of chapter 199. From the smoke, Lisanna takes flight as a giant bird, and transforms into a cat in the sky. Fairy Tail Lisanna Cosplay Costume. [154], Continuing her search, Lisanna eventually comes across Mirajane and happily hugs her out of worry. [10][11] In Edolas, she changed her stamp to white and it is now located on her left thigh. Lisanna Strauss: (To Natsu Dragneel ) "When we grow up... Can I be your wife?" This story takes place during the Fantasia arc, or the Battle of Fairy Tail arc. Juvia Lockser Episodio 95 (flashback). [229], Lisanna sees Mirajane lose her bikini top, On the third night of the Grand Magic Games, Lisanna joins her guildmates on a trip to the popular Ryuzetsu Land resort. This makes everyone laugh to the point that they would have liked to see a Natsu, who was the exact opposite of their own. However, she constantly checks back on the timer despite Lisanna telling her not to, thereby losing focus in the battle. [31] A day later, she watches the ceremony of the S-Class Mage Promotion Trial and is seen calling good luck to Elfman when he's chosen. Active Seilah reveals that though he blew up the building as he was ordered, nobody died and she was embarrassed as a result. Create New Account. However, Cana is able to hit him with The Prayer's Fountain. She found herself unable to say anything, and pretended to be their Lisanna. However, while walking back, the aforementioned piece emits a glow. [17][18], In the year X782, she almost lost her life while trying to revert Elfman after his full-body Take Over went out of control. Guild Mark Location While Mirajane thinks there is nothing going on between them, Lisanna still thinks that they go well together. Human Earth Land Lisanna arrivò alla gilda e si rese conto di essere entrata in un altro mondo in cui la sua controparte era già morta. [54], Edolas Magic Staff (former): In the manga, Lisanna's Edolas weapon was an unnamed Magic staff. When Elfman expresses through the speakers of Christina that he wants to talk to, Lisanna replies that he should stop it. [93] When Erza manages to dominate the event by herself, solely taking out every opponent, Lisanna screams and cheers with the crowd, happy at their victory. With Aya Hirano, Tetsuya Kakihara, Rie Kugimiya, Melinda Wood Allen. Take Over (Animal Soul) The Fairy Tail gang is back safe in Earthland, but they've got a whole flock of flying cats as a souvenir! Il set include i personaggi giocabili Lisanna e Elfman, una storia supplementare e costumi speciali. 2. Edolas Fairy Tail (Edolas) Name: Lisanna Strauss Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material. Lisanna flees with the guild after Makarov defends the guild from the Dragon by himself. [189] The calamity is soon ended, though, as Bisca manages to locate Erza and save her from Ajeel's grip, allowing her to use and attack with Nakagami Starlight. The attacks explodes upon impact and Kain is sent flying. [209] Lisanna is able to chain five Take Overs instantly when she fights with Azuma. After this, the two await for Kyôka and ambush her when she walks into Erza's cell by catching her arms, with Lisanna activating her Animal Soul: Cat. X784 Kardia Daiseidou [180], Once Makarov is back at the guild, Lisanna can't help but laugh when Makarov says that he will be Master until he dies, taking the role of the 8th after Erza. [171] She later watches as the Dragons ascend into the skies and bid farewell, claiming that they will always watch over the humans. Houhouhaha. [88] The next day, Lisanna is left dumbfounded as she watches Natsu and Gajeel participate in Chariot, as both Dragon Slayers suffer from severe motion sickness, leaving them to lag behind in the last three places alongside Sting of Sabertooth. It's right up there with Bleach (Rukia/Orihime with Ichigo) in terms of both sides being less than friendly with one another about it. [104], On the fourth day of the Grand Magic Games, Lisanna stands and smiles alongside the rest of Fairy Tail as she watches the new Team Fairy Tail steps out to fight. [101] Afterwards, Lisanna watches in surprise as Jenny Realight steals Mirajane's bikini top as revenge for being humiliated in their match the previous day. [10] Lisanna is shown in her last moments holding her sister's hand, although she actually didn't die. ''Anno X782, Lisanna ci ha appena lasciati, come mi sentirò ora?'' This is basically my take on what would have happened if Lisanna had not be taken to Edolas. Watching as Mirajane gets repeatedly attacked, Lisanna yells out her sister's name, but before she can do anything, she has got hold of Lamy one more time. [191] However, Lisanna and the others determine that to defeat the robots all they have to do is switch opponents, so Lisanna takes on Elfman's speedy robot and easily defeats it. [117] Then, Lisanna is shocked when Mavis' prediction is wrong and Erza begins fighting with Kagura instead of Minerva. [77] As they search, they find Wendy's purse on the ground, but Wendy herself is nowhere to be seen. [228], A young Lisanna appears in the third OVA, Memory Days. [130] Shortly thereafter, as Motherglare, the Dragon circling Crocus from above, sends a multitude of eggs raining down on the streets below, Lisanna looks up into the sky and wonders exactly what they are. This story takes place during the Fantasia arc, or the Battle of Fairy Tail arc. Turning around, their eyes widen at the sight of Lisanna running. Read 9:lisanna from the story Fairy tail Higschool by sara_30905 (sara_heartfilia) with 301 reads. Lisanna watches in amazement as Natsu takes on the Twin Dragons alone, waiting to see who will emerge the victor. [194] She then decides to follow Mavis' lead in not changing their plan despite Natsu's spontaneous act of trying to take on Zeref with only Happy to help him. [66], When they find out that they were after Lucy's memento, they find out that the memento is a part of a clock. Lisanna tells Natsu that the camp was attacked by Rustyrose and luckily Freed and Bickslow fought for them. She then looks at Natsu, who states that Silver smells just like Gray. All of them cry and hug each other for the first time in two years. Her member stamp was on her upper left shoulder and now is on her left thigh. As a child, Lisanna wore a simple, pink dress paired with dark red shoes. [84], During Lucy's fight against Flare Corona, she, alongside her guildmates, cheers for Lucy, and are unaware that Flare has Asuka as hostage to make Lucy lose. … Sections of this page. As Lisanna and the others wonder how this is possible, Wall Eehto explains that exploiting his opponent's weaknesses is the ability of his Magic, Weakness. Apr 11, 2020 - Explore Tierney.A_21's board "Lisanna " on Pinterest. Though asked if she is alright, Lisanna does not respond, instead focusing her thoughts on her elder brother and sister. Porta i tuoi fandom preferiti con te e non perdere mai un colpo. It's been a very long time, but the newest part of FT Possession is here, featuring the younger Strauss sister, Lisanna! She then hugs Happy, and is glad to see Gray and Erza as well. Lisanna (リサーナ Risāna) era una maga della gilda Fairy Tail (Edolas) e la sorella minore di Elfman (Edolas) e Mirajane (Edolas). [87], Later, Lisanna, along with the rest of the Fairy Tail Guild, heads to a local bar to celebrate Fairy Tail's terrible loss. Loyalty is the back bone of the guild. [27], After the Edolas Incident, Lisanna returns to the guild and mentions numerous changes such as Mirajane’s personality. [116] Later, Lisanna wonders if Natsu and the others are fine, to which Makarov replies that they can only trust them and wait. Lisanna Strauss is the youngest of her siblings Elfman and Mirajane Strauss, also part of their "Take Over Team" as she uses a Take Over magic that enables her to have the abilities of any animal she wishes.Lisanna has short white hair reaching her neck and dark blue eyes like her sister. Everyone is further shocked, and Happy and Natsu happily try to hug her, but Erza stops them, stating that Lisanna died two years ago. Asked why she is using Animal Soul, Lisanna reveals that she didn't have any clothes. Take Over SiblingsTeam Tenrou Washing her body, Lisanna also remarks that since they won the Grand Magic Games, the job requests have started pouring in, and then expresses her surprise at hearing Lucy state that Natsu and Gray went on a job together. As Elfman examines the body and ponders how he was killed if he has no wounds, Lisanna goes to prepare a Lacrima so that they can contact the guild. Mirajane then changes to her Demon Form and begins battling Azuma.

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