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HANDI food Doesn’t this look dreamy?! A delicious Handi Kashmiri Chai recipe by @qanz_creates!! Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe with us!! From the valleys of Kashmir , Handi brings its authentic Kashmiri Chai that defies time and space! Tea that brings hearts together, no matter where you’re from!


3 tsp of Kashmiri tea leaves ( @handifood kashmiri pink tea)

1/4 baking soda

2-3 pods of cardamom, seeds removed and crushed roughly or powder 1/2 tsp

3 cups of plaim.water plus 2-3 cups of chilled water

3 cups of whole milk

1/2 cup fresh cream if you like thick. Thats OPTIONAL

1/4 tsp sea salt OR sugar or both if you prefer


1-2 tsp of ground pistachios and almonds


1: In a sauce pan on medium heat, add 3 TBS of tea witb3 cups of water at normal temperature, boil until frothy at this point add baking soda and then add 1 cup of chilled water and crushed cardamom and boil until the tea broth becomes a bright red. Whisk whisk whisk *Whisking is the key to get the right colour.. plus adding chilled water after boils shocks the tea that how colourvomes out..

2: Stop when amount of water is reduced to 1 cup only.

3: Now bring the heat down to medium low and add the milk and whisk the tea broth very vigorously to achieve a slight froth. The colour of the tea should now be a lovely dark pink. If you add more milk or cream, the colour gets even lighter, the choice is yours.

4: Finally, add the salt/ sugar and stir. * some people like to put the crushed nuts into their tea just after milk and they get cooked with tea...other just sprinkle on top.. your choice.

Pour in to a cup and sprinkle with crushed pistachios and almonds.

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“How do you make Kashmiri Chai?!” Well... this video is going to make an expert out of you in no time! EzyMealz shared an amazing recipe using Handi’s delicious Kashmiri Chai!