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Handi is perfectly positioned to help make people’s occasions more memorable with its wide range of products. As one of the leading rice & spice distributors, we are dedicated to cater to your taste buds with authentic food. Our passion & curiosity for good food & spices have helped us explore unmatched flavors from all around the world. 

Handi Basmati Rice

The foothills of the Himalayas, this is where Handi Super Kernel Basmati rice’s story begins  the enriched soils & climate conditions  give this basmati a unique aroma and a flavorful taste. The perfect amalgamation of great soil, spring water and meticulous attention from the farmers and expert professionals guarantees the quality of every single grain. When it is cooked, each grain is assured to elongate 2.5 times its natural size, bringing out the exquisite texture of the Basmati. The food grain is aged to perfection once harvested, to ensure that its full flavor is achieved. This attention to details makes Handi Basmati rice the most sought after one.

Handi Chef’s Secret Basmati Rice

There is something secret in Handi Chef’s Secret Basmati Rice! Taste it to unveil it! Handi Chef’s Secret Basmati Rice adds a charm to all your Biriyani dishes. With the longest basmati grain, it is all in readiness to make your special dish look royal and taste brilliant. The ideal combination of the soil, spring water and minute attention from the farmers and qualified professionals guarantees the quality of every single grain. When it is cooked, each grain is guaranteed to elongate twice its natural size prior cooking, bringing out the fluffy texture of the Basmati. The food grain attains perfection once being harvested to ensure its full flavor. The dedication &thorough attention to detail makes Handi Chef’s Secret Basmati rice the most revered one.

Handi Chef’s Secret Sella Basmati Rice

Secret Sella Basmati Rice is a name that deserves no further introduction. With the signature taste and visual appeal of  pure basmati. The secret sella basmati is parboiled in its husk through a natural procedure, letting you cook the rice without losing its texture. The parboiling process lets the rice to retain the minerals and vitamins from the original grain. This procedure tends to enhance the texture and guarantees a separate grain once the rice is cooked. The grain brings you a distinct flavor and quality every time. So, be it for curries, biriyanis or pilaf rice, Sella Basmati Rice makes the difference. It is because of its distinctive aroma and appearance; the rice has been successful in gaining the confidence of world class chefs from around the world.

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