“So I think we made a point; apart from getting a really good contract we also established that this is not acceptable practice.”. THE NEWINGTON BOARD OF EDUCATION AFFIRMS A CONTINUING POLICY OF EQUAL EMPLOYMENT AND PROMOTIONAL OPPORTUNITIES WITHOUT DISCRIMJNATION. With their first day of work on Wednesday, Newton teachers still don't have a new contract. “It feels like a breach of trust that we have to go out and fight for what the whole community felt were very reasonable changes to our contract,” Zilles said. Across the Newton Public Schools, union members will suspend participation in more than 50 committees, ... citing the teachers contract that expired in 2009 but wasn’t settled until 2011. (This is a large file.) It is important to note that graduate credit beyond the Master's degree (Master's +15, 30, 45 and 60) must be earned after the date that your degree has been awarded on your transcript. The Waltham Public Schools, in accordance with its non-discrimination and zero tolerance policy, does not discriminate in its programs, activities, facilities, employment, or educational opportunities on the basis of race, color, age, disability, sex, religion, … After 15 months of negotiations, the Newton teachers union and the school district announced a tentative agreement for a new contract Tuesday night. If you can right now, please consider a donation in any amount. The union originally asked for a 12 percent raise over four years, according to Zilles. Goldman said that it was the district's, "intention to absolutely settle the contract before the old one expired, ” Salary Grids from the 2018-2021 contract Contracts for School Teachers. Steps are automatic increases given for each year of work in the Newton Public Schools up until reaching the “top step.” Steps are separate from cost-of-living increases. With contract negotiation dragging on well into a second year, Newton's public school teachers are taking action to put the pressure on district officials. But School Committee Chair Ruth Goldman said after 15 months of negotiating, an agreement is close. The Newton Teachers Association represents Unit A, B, C, D and E employees of the Newton Public Schools. Zilles said the union took a “take care of everybody’ kind of approach” to the negotiations and believes the new contract will address the needs of all members of the NTA, including young parents and aides. NEWTON, MA — New details have emerged about the contract the Newton teachers union and School Committee tentatively agreed to last week. Download a PDF of the full contract. According to School Committee chair Ruth Goldman, Mayor Ruthanne Fuller originally promised a minimum 3.25 percent budget increase in 2021, 2022, and 2023 and has raised that ceiling to 3.5 percent for those three years. Helping our students reach their goals. Three Schools – One Mission. We couldn't do it without you. Their current agreement expires Saturday. John Lewis Warned Us About The Importance Of The Vote. “The message we're sending is that we're not going to go along and continue to go above and beyond the way we always do when we don't have a contract in place,” he said. The contract is set to … The district’s 2,200 union members — which includes teachers, counselors, paraprofessionals among others — will now remain silent during required administrative meetings and will stop participating on voluntary committees, according to Michael Zilles, president of the Newton Teachers Association. Cassellius has reached an agreement with the Boston Teachers Union to start bringing students back into classrooms next month. The Boston Public Schools has approximately 14 bargaining units covering 10,000+ employees. Agreements were reached with all ten municipal unions in June 2017. This law includes the concepts of offer, acceptance, mutual assent, and consideration. Members of the Newton Teachers Association rallied for a new contract in August in front of City Hall. The agreement is set to expire after fiscal year 2023. Learn about Newton Public Schools culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more. In the final contract, the union achieved an 11.75 percent total increase over four years for members at the top pay step and a 10.25 percent total raise for members below the top step.