Instead, queer people were writing the material. And it’s very interesting how Barbie Fashionistas dolls will look in 2020. But Savage’s article is what many unofficial Earring Magic Ken historians consider the last straw for Mattel, with the toy brand discontinuing this particular Ken doll soon after publication. Become a Colossal Member and support independent arts publishing. It is the 1993 version of, “How do you do, fellow kids?” — only a whole lot gayer. When Barbie and Ken broke up in 2004, many fans joked Barbie’s former boyfriend had come out of the closet. May 18, 2020 - BARBIE DOLLS!!!. And he is every ’90s queer stereotype in a chiseled hunk of plastic. 2020 SDC Barbie Doll. Almost three decades later, Mattel has evolved its brand to appeal to a growingly progressive consumer — and a more queer-friendly world. 4. But before giving Ken the boot, the toy giant decides to survey a gaggle of children on what’s cool, hoping to save Barbie’s dwindling leading man. See more ideas about barbie, vintage barbie, vintage barbie dolls. Nordstrom launches first gender inclusive collection, Dolce Vita’s unisex Pride collection goes up to women’s shoe size 13, The Phluid Project launches fabric face masks to celebrate Pride Month. In total, Earring Magic Ken was only available for six months in 1993 — but it still reportedly remains the best-selling Ken doll of all time. The general public was full of disdain for queerness, yet couldn’t help but hail our aesthetic as the epitome of cool. Join a community of like-minded readers who are passionate about contemporary art, help support our interview series, gain access to partner discounts, and much more. He was created by Ruth Handler, and she named Ken after her son Kenneth Handler.1 1 Biography 2 History 2.1 Personality 3 Relationships 4 Products 5 Gallery 6 References Ken Carson is from Willows, Wisconsin.2 He was born on March 11, 1961. Ken was named after Ruth Handler’s son. In an alternate universe somewhere, the four women discuss with NPR how Barbie lost the presidency yet again. © 2021 Verizon Media. We're keeping you In The Know on the stories that matter to you. After the doll’s 1993 release, activist and writer Dan Savage, who at the time was working for queer-focused newspaper The Stranger, wrote a piece about the doll’s decidedly “gay” look. Barbie’s Friends & Family. The soundtrack EP was released on August 27, 2020.. TikTok can now help you teleport to greener pastures. It was directly after the height of the AIDS crisis in the United States, and stigma around queer sexuality was rampant. But unlike these jokes about Ken’s sexuality, Earring Magic Ken was the first time queer people weren’t the butt of the “gay Ken” joke. 2) Barbie’s Dreamhouse. “When the quarantine started and I saw a couple of funny pandemic Barbies, I thought that I should make a Barbie that everyone could relate to. Ruth Handler, who cofounded Mattel with her husband, Elliot, spearheaded the introduction of the doll. was nicknamed the Human Ken Doll, after spending almost £650,000 on surgery. Dolls will display different images, characters and social layers. 1) Made to Move Barbie Doll. 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Ken has had styles, careers, and friends over the years. It holds charms he can share with Barbie. 2020 Spanish Doll C onvention was canceled but was online October 4, 2020. In the story, Savage particularly focused on the doll’s necklace, a circular chrome pendant hanging from a silver chain. While clueless moms picked up Earring Magic Ken for their kids, queer men flocked to toy stores, scooping up the doll accidentally modeled in their image. $10.98 Used. A scrubs-wearing nurse is complete with a miniature lab coat, X-rays, and thermometer, while bread-baking Barbie is covered in a white dusting of flour. A scrubs-wearing nurse is complete with a miniature lab coat, X-rays, and thermometer, while bread-baking Barbie is covered in a white dusting of flour. 3) Barbie Convertible. The doll was called Earring Magic Ken, which is the absolute best name for an accidentally gay doll. 6) Barbie Chicken Farmer Doll Set. Do stories and artists like this matter to you? The movie is a musical with six songs, and it is 72 minutes long. The movie shares the same continuity as Barbie Dolphin Magic and the series Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures.