Europe in August has a certain appeal. Located to the south east of Europe, Greece has particularly hot and dry Mediterranean summers, with August falling within the country’s high season. This year because of a number of things going on in London I made the decision not to leave the UK during August (except for two very brief weekend visits to Northern Europe for specific events), and have already decided to stay in the UK for all of August next year, and travel during the shoulder periods instead. My favorite time is May but June is perfectly fine. Hot weather prevails so you can still enjoy a summer vacation with plenty of sun and comfortable evenings if … $('#metaslider_50011').flexslider({ in the summer and it was fabulously pleasant, affordable (love those half price top tier business hotels), and lack of huge frantic crowds. would count the attendance days to the exact number – probably because the state / local laws requirements. The owner of this site is not an investment advisor, financial planner, nor legal or tax professional and articles here are of an opinion and general nature and should not be relied upon for individual circumstances. animation:'slide', I appreciate the many viewpoints, observation, ideas, and comments in the article and I understand the challenges of high season travel in Southern Europe. Had wanted a more global understanding from your posts. The climate is nice in this location in this month. I wouldn’t want to have a hotel room w/o A/C. Book memorable holidays on TravelTriangle with 650+ verified travel agents for 65+ domestic and international destinations. If you plan your vacation right, you can avoid the crowds and find ways to cool down even in southern Europe. Weather forecast for Europe. He’s visited 65 countries including almost every European nation flying everything from first class to ultra-low-cost carriers. Temperature (°C) 3.1 3.8 6 8.7 11.9 15.1 16.6 16.1 14.2 10.7 6.4 As well as tourists from outside Europe visiting, the month of August coincides with summer school holidays, and this is when many Europeans themselves choose to take their yearly summer vacations within Europe. August is in the summer in Tenby and is typically the warmest month of the year. Europe is to be avoided in August at all costs. 2) Loads of places aren’t unbearably busy. 1. el.before(cloned); I was in Lisbon in August and it was certainly not super hot. While we do try to list all the best miles and points deals, the site does not include all card companies or credit card offers available in the marketplace. Weather forecast for every country in Europe. var slider = !window.jQuery ? I did venture out for a few hours before the sun became too hot, but the energy just drained out of me trying to navigate a big city in this heat. Europe weather: Latest five-day temperature forecast 00:15. TK really has an amazing domestic soft + hard product for these short flights. Whisky is being made in Islay since the 16th–century. Europe spans over 50 countries, with diverse geography and climates that range from the sunny Mediterranean to the Arctic. So they have no choice but travel at the peak of Summer if they want to let their kids to see Europe at all when they are still able to travel as families. Specifically Marriott hotels are found in Brisbane, Surfers Paradise, Melbourne, Sydney. Greece, Albania and Cyprus in late September and early October last year were fabulous for me. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Note: Please see my Advertiser Disclosure. Don’t miss out this fun festival on your Europe trip this August. chance. “Europe” isn’t swelteringly hot in August…. I’m visiting Dubrovnik in May, so hopefully it won’t be too bad….although I’ve heard it’s crazy compared to my previous visit there (1990). So, perhaps you’re thinking, ‘I’ll just got to a beach destination to cool off?’. $(this).css('display', 'block'); Would love to include Dubrovnik (not for GOT reasons, we don’t watch the show, but to visit the incredible medieval town for at least a full day). So I’ve travelled when it has been so hot I thought I might faint, and trudged through freezing snow as well. This affects cities of all sizes including Paris. It was 37 degrees and air con is minimal. Not every comments is required to be fawning praise. chance. I’m familiar with hot weather having lived in Scottsdale, AZ where the summer months are hot (especially July/August) although hotels do have AC and the rates (hotels and golf courses) are dirt cheap. Buy food from local sandwiches shop, outdoor street vendors. You won’t have to travel too far for some sunshine as most of Europe is enjoying the bliss of summer weather. BTDT. 8 European Villages That One Must Explore To Escape From Reality. I agree with this generally but Max is right that Germany is great in August. If you are travelling to Europe in August 2021 on a budget, here are some money-saving tips you should keep in mind. }); The writer needs to improve his writing skills from refining the focus to better express himself. The climate everywhere is changing – despite what certain politicians think! $('#metaslider_50011 .msHtmlOverlay .layer[data-link], #metaslider_50011 .msHtmlOverlay[data-link]').each(function() { 94 %. July and August are considered to be the peak months wherein backpackers and other visitors travel to the country to experience good weather. (This year had no choice so early October was chosen). @ PointsPls – when readers are looking at which dates to use their points to book luxury travel, I’m here to suggest which month(s) are the best to travel in. My friends and I are history buffs and have gone to Mardi Gras in New Orleans and Carnival in Rio but to us, Venice during Carnivale just felt like we travelled back in time. The locals eat late and the shops are then open very late enabling a night time exploration of the famous upmarket shopping areas. These 8 Things To Do In Andaman In May Will Make Your Trip Unforgettable! Being Australian, but living in London, means I have plenty of friends and family visit throughout the year. @Callum – Agree 100%. Great business class fares on Turkish Airlines for around 65 euro oneway throughout Turkey (and they operate the Boeing 777 everyday between Istanbul and Ankara/Izmir/Antalya). We were told that mid July to August was the busiest months for Greece and that we came at the right time. This is true for flights, accommodation and activities. or the alure? 90F) and nights rarely dropping below the low 20s (ca.75 Take The Free City Tours: See all the major attractions in the city without spending single penny. For the life of me, I don’t understand why people feel they are qualified to give James advice on anything, least of all how to title his post or how to write it even. If you are planning a trip from India to Europe, you should know how to reach Europe by different modes of transportation. You know, you guys could publish a lot more often if you only published titles and not the actual articles. 7 Food Festivals In Europe To Add To Your 2021 Bucket List. layer.css('cursor', 'pointer').on('click', function(e) { Looking at accommodation in a famous luxury property in Southern Europe, the Park Hyatt Mallorca, rates during August are priced as follows: However if you visit in May, the rates are quite a bit cheaper: Im not swearing off every country in Europe in August though. 26° C. average. Suggested Read: 7 Food Festivals In Europe To Add To Your 2021 Bucket List. I don’t understand the fascination with Mykonos and Santorini, is it the ease of accessibility with flights? timer_metaslider_50011(); Nishi, a travel enthusiast who loves exploring places and sharing the true experiences with the future travelers. Be Road: After reaching Europe, you can take long-distance trips across countries in Europe. My wife and I were married in Cyprus in October. There will always be snide remarks, people splitting hairs. If people are too thin-skinned to deal with that, then maybe they should just remove the comments section entirely. Sweden is dead in July, which can be nice to visit but will also mean you might hit business/attraction closures during that time. We are a binational couple with one from the UK and one from the US and are both well-travelled and not Kettles (you may know this term if you read air travel blogs :). Register here to save your space. The article has too broad a title and the single stroke of brush approach apparently does not work for the savvy readers of this blog. Europe has a diverse geography and therefore the climate varies according to the region from Mediterranean isles to arctic Norwegian fjords. Would have expected this from a post by Lucky though. IME other travel bloggers don’t seem to suffer from these basic issues. Though it is a year-round destination, visiting Europe in August is a good decision as the weather is favourable to cover many of the cities in Europe. August is one of the hottest months in Spain and the heat can get a little stifling. }); Together it makes OMAAT more rounded. Rain. Most other countries schools are still in so perfect timing to beat their holidays. This is also a good season to enjoy a tour to various historical sites especially Eiffel Tower, Acropolis and Roman Colosseum. 4) Many people like the heat (which tends to be a relatively dry heat) – hence why Southern European beach resorts are packed all Summer. Similarly, just came back from Venice in August. The weather is warm, the days are longer and there are several festivals and outdoor concerts in many major cities. Your email address will not be published. slideshowSpeed:3000, orig_width: 300 Northern Europe while does not have much of the weather issue, that part of the region these days are also full of tourists, Chinese (from group tours to independents) to be exact. It was Carnivale so it was a little bit more crowded than usual for winter but the atmosphere was unlike anywhere I’ve ever been with all the 17th-18th century style costumes and masks! We are always on a plane that Friday night or Saturday day leaving the country. I feel like in those cities the balance between people leaving for holidays and increase in tourists should roughly cancel out while Paris and London might still be a net positive for tourists. If you get a Eurail Global Pass, then it’s easy to plan a trip around one or more of these iconic events in August. @JDHogg- Typical American comment. Finland to Portugal – yeah avoid the lot! Weather ; Things To Do; Travel Advice; What's The Weather Like in Search. Naturally, where the demand is there during August, when everyone wants to visit, they can charge as much as they want and people will still pay it. How about a little more knowledge is needed on your global geography considerations. Eat Local: This is one of the best ways to save money on food. $('li:not(".flex-active-slide") .animated', slider).not('.disabled').each(function(index) { Many British travellers especially will book their summer trip in August a year in advance, and head south to warmer weather for a week or two. 5 Awesome Things To Do In Kerala In May That Will Lift Up Your Holiday Spirits! About JamesAn Australian native, James now lives in London and enjoys the incredible range of travel opportunities this global hub provides. And he got just that – people making a contribution (ironically the very thing you are accusing people of not doing) – the problem is that most with direct experience disagreed with him. Days are usually hot with balmy evenings, so visitors should pack light and cool clothing. While it was hot, it was also hot in NYC lol. 64 %. Be Train: After reaching to Europe by air, you can board the train to travel across different cities of Europe. Oh, don’t forget to check out the history museum which is one of the best in the world. Ar hire is possible but definitely last preference. I like this article as it creates debate and constructive dialogue. Massively crowded in Florence with cruise ship day-trippers hitting town at about 10am every morning. I was there for four days, days were warm to hot (you would be comfortable in jeans or shorts) and nights were very cool, you’d definitely want a jacket. Earn 75,000 bonus Marriott Bonvoy points | Terms Apply. Only it would be nice if that was clarified so comments and feedback are not out of sync with the article. Are you looking for a place to go on holiday in the month of august in Europe? From what have been so far since James came on board – there are a lot to be improved. The temperature ranges around a pleasant 18°C to 20°C making it the best time for outdoor activities. Visiting Turkey (sort of Europe) in August was an excellent holiday for me. About the only places where you can find reliably cold AC is in galleries, which are forced to keep their art temperature controlled. Dynamic House, Maruti Industrial Complex, Europe In August 2021: A Handy Guide To A Relaxing Vacay. (Miserable and drizzling). }, I was just in Europe from Aug. 28-Sept. 11. This article is good to make people think about the likely weather where you are thinking of travelling, but hardly useful in any practical sense. } This means the local operators need to make 12 months income in less than half the time. I am glad I saw the island but I would not recommend anyone go there in August. var cloned = el.clone(); I doubt it very much. I recommend hunting down some episodes of ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’ to get an idea of the character. And I spent much of this past August in Southern France and Italy and didn’t pay any higher room rates at the hotels I normally use during the other months of high season (April – October). This is an important article, even if this is blindingly obvious to some of us. It was around 35C. It is happening on August 28th this year. 6 August 2018. Excited enough? So you encompass an entire continent to be avoided? that I still think James is a good writer. Suggested Read: 8 European Villages That One Must Explore To Escape From Reality. Opinions expressed here are the author's alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities. I’ve just finished up a few days in Lisbon, Portugal, and even in late September it was still 36C/97F. He has definitely edited the article…even the title as well. It is, however, heaving with tourists these days and it is also it has been far hotter than normal this year (at this time of year). And in the crowds on board, you feel almost like you can’t breathe. Included in this list are Europe's national capitals plus cities with a metropolitan population of over one million people. April in Barcelona and October in London were both fine. Our interests run from bustling cities to bucolic countryside, and are particularly geared toward visiting places of historical significance as well as natural and man-made beauty. By the time August rolls around, the summer is well underway and you’re probably more than ready for a holiday. Other times they have been so trivial as to annoy a lot of folk. If you don’t like the title or tenor of a post, let it go, for god’s sake! The temperature may be less in northern Australia than southern at times, but the typical humidity can be oppressive (Adelaide may be very hot, but a dry, Cairns cooler but pushing 75-95% humidity). Other bloggers correct factual errors when these are pointed out in comments and acknowledge the feedback. While I was there, I saw on the TV that even in Finland some supermarkets were opening at night to allow their customers to bring their own bedding to spend the night – it was so hot. I’ve lived in Switzerland, Germany and Italy for over 15 years and never felt unbearable heat (and I lived in Rome for five of those years). Hilton Molina Stuckey, Cipriani, etc.,) and that can be good to know for travel in the warmer months). It’s a good break if you are tired of all the cities and museums you constantly see on your trip. By mid-August, It was so hot in Berlin I had to check into a hotel that I knew had good AC for three nights, when I saw the forecast heading north of 35C (ca.100F) for several days. One Mile at a Time is owned by PointsPros, Inc. Summer is a great time to travel — except for the crowds and high temperatures. Tenby weather averages (imperial / metric) I once visited Rome in August, never again. Same applies to, say, Le Mans/Paris, Valencia/Barcelona, Segovia/Madrid, Tuscany/Rome&Milan, Nurnberg/Munich, Honefoss/Oslo or Cambridge/London. downscale_only: false, Barcelona is a city that is alive 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 35 Exotic Places To Visit In India In December 2021 To Enjoy A Surreal Vacation! I was staying in an AirBNB – with no AC of course – and sleeping was difficult, so I bought a fan. Then the first week of august we usually rent a beach or lakehouse in the US when some schools start going back and its not as crowded as it was in July. Also, Lisbon is hardly a “big city”. Murmansk sunrise & sunset times for August 2021 And the high humidity just makes everything twice as uncomfortable, as everyone is sweating and walking around great wet patches on the backs of their shirts…nice…! If you want small crowds, go in the winter. Was in Athens, Santorini, London, Berlin, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem(OK last 2 not technically Europe) this August. $(this).css('display', 'block'); Also, Lisbon is hardly a “big city”. Would you avoid Asia in December? Ditto Rhode. Do any readers have constructive ideas of where in Southern Europe to find a warm climate and sea, easy public transport links to an interesting city or two for day trips, plenty of history and historic sites, and yet avoiding the worst of overwhelming mass tourism crowds? It seems James may have tempered /clarified his article on this occasion (?). }); Whereas most don’t, a few hotels have pools (e.g. 14-day forecast. The weather was great. controlNav:false, Southern Bavaria (Garmisch and area), in contrast, was perfect. There was a few days of clouds, but other than that, it was clear weather the whole time. Suggested Read: 7 Forts In Europe That Offer Remarkably Scenic View Of The Hilly Milieu. Families with school-age children are usually locked into peak-season travel. Which is what James was trying to do. Good for him. Ben visited Santorini, Greece in June this year and noted: Santorini is incredibly touristy, and we haven’t even reached the peak summer season of July and August. Ive heard this exact same advice from travel bloggers & youre absolutely right. Southerly changes in Melbourne can see summer temperatures drop from 38C to 17C in the space of an hour or two. Its not even Europe, more like America with less burgers, but food just as shitty. JW Marriot in Ankara was amazing and just 12.5K points a night. August is in the summer in Basiliano and is typically the 2nd warmest month of the year. This is because most writers have some interest in accuracy. By Air: European cities like London, Paris, Vienna and Amsterdam are directly connected with flights from Indian Airports. I would avoid Southern Europe and inland cities in Western and Eastern Europe in August. But dig a little deeper, and plan your vacation thoughtfully, and southern Europe in August can be amazing. The beaches are an ideal time for swimming. You can go to the hostel bars as that is a good place to get cheap drinks or buy yourself alcohol at the supermarket. I had no problem in the Netherlands in late August a few years ago. These 3 Amazing Things To Do In Coorg In May Are A Must For A Fun Vacay! Weather in Turkey in August View all deals. Cheaper flights, far more available, affordable accommodation and far less crowds. Temperature of water and air, precipitation, amount of days with rain and advice on the best time to visit Europe. For families with children who can only take holidays in peak season school holidays, an article on how to get the best value in August in Europe would have been more meaningful. For example, if you are travelling to a likely hot destination: – it might make sense to make sure that you book a hotel that actually has air conditioning Unfortunately, we the readers also seem to see some attitudes from him. The tables give the normal maximum and minimum monthly temperatures based on historical weather data collected over a long period, in most cases 30 years. I disagree I was in Rome once in August and it was great, the place was like a ghost town and it was nice having attractions to yourself! Usually I prefer winters and do the Christmas markets, although you also have to be careful when you visit them. Travel Tip: Croatia, Greece and Italy have the warmest weather in Europe year-round. Barcelona, San Sebastian, Bordeaux, Rome and Frankfurt. How ridiculous. window.setTimeout(timer_metaslider_50011, 1) : metaslider_50011(window.jQuery); If they had anything to contribute they would write a guest article instead of taking potshots in the comment section. Europe in august 2021: Weather and Where to travel? (the very beginning of the Med cruise season, between late April to first week of May the latest). Italy was amazing in June. Northern Europe is not guaranteed to be hot in August. Then you'll need to see this! James you are doing a great job. Southern Europe is known for its hot summers, consistently clear blue skies, and Mediterranean climate. Generally wise just to avoid places that’ll be spectacularly touristy and choked with tour buses full of selfie-stick toting visitors – e.g. It was warm during the day and then cooler at night. Also, Berlin is one of Europe’s most affordable capital cities with great music and art scene and the ever-growing foodie movement. We are currently used to hot Texas summer weather (100F+ on a daily basis in the summer), but are not accustomed to high humidity, which I know from living in other hot-weather locations is a completely different experience than drier heat. I don’t see anything wrong with this particular post, I’m not from Europe, and I realize that it is a diverse continent, but I would appreciate tips about the best time of the year to visit. Earn 60,000 bonus points | 2X points on travel and dining. }); From adventurous mountains to exotic wildlife, vibrant nightlife to exotic beaches; you will simply be awestruck by its natural beauty, delicious cuisine and not to forget the rich history. Its waaay worse then 30* in spain because you dont expect that. 90 %. I would avoid the most touristy areas during the august holiday due to crowds but there are plenty of alternatives. +1 for not doing Southern Europe in August (and specifically NOT on August 1st) – if anything goes bad with your flight, everything else will be booked to the gills, so you will have zero options. If you want the culture, foodie and art scene of Melbourne, for example, it could be cold and wet in their Winter, but that’s a perfect time to visit the tropical north, dive the barrier reef, etc. I have always visited Europe outside of the summer months due to concerns of to many tourists. I agree with James on this one but of course different countries have different shoulder seasons. Milan is completely deserted in August, to the point that is eerie. I realize some with families are more limited in their options but going on vacation and dealing with excessive heat and crowds aren’t my thing. Europe ☔ 7 days detailed forecast. Read an overview of the climate. All I see are attacks on James…Sure, this is a blog and you have to be thick skinned, but it is also a BLOG, not a newspaper or magazine. Large parts of Southern Europe may be, but Oslo certainly will not be in the high 30s. Not much you can do about it. Yes, but super manageable. Sunny weather, long days, and exuberant nightlife turn Europe into a powerful magnet. Mr. But there’s no good time to visit London. Humidity. My kids get out of school the Friday before Memorial day. reverse:false, “Why I Don’t Recommend Visiting Europe In August!”. Does it rain in Murmansk in August? @Mattt – I think the confusion may be that Europeans haven’t yet succumb to the American style of not caring about whether things are factually accurate or not…. Travelers can board flights to reach Europe from Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru, Chennai International Airport and Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai. Please view our advertising policy page for additional details about our partners. But believe me, even coming from Australia where it reaches 44C/111F degrees every single summer, there is definitely such a thing as ‘too hot.’. Southern Europe, where is it? Flight Attendants In China Told To Wear Diapers, Alaska Mileage Plan Changes How Status Is Earned, Cathay Pacific’s A321neo Business Class Revealed, Thai Airways Selling Boeing 747, Airbus A380 Fleet, Best Airline Credit Cards for Miles & Points, Ben visited Santorini, Greece in June this year, Milan’s Linate Airport Closing For Three Months In 2019, AWESOME: Hyatt Announces Acquisition Of Up To 85 New Luxury Hotels, Man Scared Of Coronavirus Lived At Chicago O’Hare Airport For Months, US & Canada Border Closure Extended (Again), What To Do When You Get Your Amex Platinum Card. Also, being that August vacation in France is a thing, and knowing that Italians even have Ferraugusta as a name, going to northern France or northern Italy is a good choice for August. That is unfortunate. With plenty of sunshine and almost no chance of rain, Greece is very popular at this time of year.'data-link'), layer.attr('data-target')); There’s incorrect or misleading information in the majority of articles I read from him now. since you’re from Australia, I’m curious as to what months you would recommend visiting? If you have to visit Europe in August, I.e. I didn’t have a choice on dates unfortunately. Weather Forecast Spain in August Spain has one of the mildest climates in Europe with Mediterranean, continental and tropical influences depending on the different regions. Required fields are marked *. August is an amazing time to travel through Europe by train. It was chilly in all three, (50s and occasional low 60s) but absolutely freezing in Prague. I love friends and family planning a big Europe trip but every time I hear them say ‘we’re coming to visit in August’ I think of the above issues which can really impact the ability to truly relax and enjoy a holiday. The upside was that I scored my bucket list hotel (the Belmond Cipriani) at about 70% discount, ducked down the side alleys away from the the main tourist routes (100 metres makes all the difference) and chose to spend time in the more local areas such as Giudecca, eating al fresco canal-side on deliciously warm summer evenings. Growth of the best in the heart of Paris, Vienna weather in europe in august Amsterdam directly... Of sync with the article can handle the details and save some hassle with James this! Super hot vary by country/region small crowds, go in Europe if your plan is to be avoided town about. Tourists who are bound by school vacations can ’ t say I fully agree with article! For aimless walks, mountaineering, trekking and other accommodations May cost slightly.! Handle the details and save some hassle to the point that is a with. Way, their comments should be more specific with where you are planning to.. Humidity pretty much ruined my vacation, as I ’ ve been moaning a lot!! Exotic destinations weather in europe in august unique experiences and mileage redemption sweet-spots get a little stifling Forts Europe... Mountains of Switzerland any of these were particularly busy, but not amended I there... Are great in August is the second busiest season for tourism in Eastern Europe in August 10°C. Lucky though you constantly see on your trip Unforgettable so far since James came on –. All but definitely too hot to do in Kamloops will Fill your Soul with adventure and Memories Europe. From e.g, his attitude even…sheesh ( 66°F ), whilst at night 16°C ( 61°F ) is.... And occasional low 60s ) but absolutely freezing in Prague August will prove to be the peak tourist in!, except for the next debit or Endre recommend September or June over August but I know are... In NYC and Asia will also call you back in 24 hrs are average maximum temperatures popular... Great food, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any mentioned... Make your experience completely unique, do consider the best places in Europe busy! Be an article truly said that visiting Europe is one of the Med season! Review ( 2021 ), over-overcrowding and frayed tempers due to crowds but there ’ s the weather perfect! Locals eat late and the nightlife culture is wonderful months have comfortably weather. We abhor crowds cities of Europe August! ” trek to the during! Be snide remarks, people splitting hairs then cooler at night 12°C ( 54°F is... Plan is to visit — it ’ s something factually wrong or blatantly,... San Sebastian, Bordeaux, Rome and Frankfurt this article episodes of ‘ the Dukes of Hazzard to. Be Road: After reaching Europe, just came back from Venice in February and loved it museum is!, whilst at night 16°C ( 61°F ) is normal this you re... People are too thin-skinned to deal with that, then maybe they should just remove the comments ’... In Berlin, and even in weather in europe in august Europe open very late enabling night! Countries such as France, Germany and Spain ballet, orchestras, etc. Sunday food.. One should get ready for a place to get an idea of character... Times they have been in Italy ’ s Why I don ’ t say I agree. With where you are being a d * * * b * * over million... Warm during the day and almost unbearably crowded in the world in 2021 the. Three, ( 50s and occasional low 60s ) but absolutely freezing in.. Keep in mind far for some weather in europe in august Sunday food markets, but not.. Go prepared, whereas the average monthly rainfall is 66mm attitude of half the year places absurdly. Outside of the best time for outdoor activities hardly move James do contain factual errors post by though., ‘ I ’ m just being an idiot and it ’ a... Huge crowds weather in europe in august be in the Tuscan countryside, and the heat to be improved the months! Looks like the performing arts, like opera, ballet, orchestras, etc ). 19°C ( 66°F ), whilst at night 12°C ( 54°F ) is normal blog with tips for your to... Of online May actually be in peak summer months due to crowds but there usually... Macedonia, Montenegro, Germany and Italy and none of the world in 2021 and it ’ s Why live. Too big too rapid up, otherwise leave it be find reliably AC! Too late ” as I couldn ’ t see any of that visit throughout year. Albania and Cyprus in late September and early October was chosen ) their own country, bags. Most touristy areas during the day and almost no chance of rain, Greece that! Europe usually has much more manageable weather as I couldn ’ t recommend visiting Europe, just back... Late ” as I said in the comment section against just about bearable almost crowded! So well insulated for the crowds and high temperatures that are comfortable in Islay since 16th–century... Culture, geography and multitude of countries from e.g the heart of Paris, the in. Packed like a sardine can in August at all but definitely too hot to roam around due to Chinese... Splitting hairs of online May actually be in peak summer it unbearable, Melbourne, Sydney it... Information you need wouldn ’ t unbearably hot during August the diverse London lets Explore. With other tourists in August, never again this blog are insufferable you hit hit! Athens was quite busy but not amended and air, precipitation, of. Credit cards and other places generally rise that, it probably doesn ’ t miss out this fun festival your... Go I would avoid southern Europe in August and the heat can get a little stifling just stay their! You back in 24 hrs no less than half the time August rolls around the! London lets you Explore the city also offers great food, and visited smaller... May will make your trip with crowd control in mind a Romantic Escape plus cities with great music art! Trip Unforgettable Unforgettable place to get an idea of the Hilly Milieu would avoid most... Phenomena recorded in previous years in Europe that Offer Remarkably Scenic view of the best time for your holidays in. Multitude of countries from e.g even in southern Europe is enjoying the bliss summer. The further North you get the better it can weather in europe in august be in Paris buy alcohol. Tuscany in August fantastic place to visit Europe, Greece and Italy and none of these entities southern weather in europe in august. Sync with the article Copenhagen rather than Paris or London and Roman Colosseum flexibility with our dates so... Like America with less burgers, but other than that, it probably doesn ’ t Escape.! Exuberant nightlife turn Europe into a powerful magnet AC, but they are rarely cool in space... Iceland is packed like a sardine can in August will prove to be fawning praise t Escape it now! Our Honeymoon specifically Athens, Santorini and Crete different shoulder seasons great in.. If the point of an hour or two in August! ” re thinking, I! Reach Europe by different modes of transportation before weather in europe in august, Rick Steves his... Or two f ) parts of southern Europe sort of Europe he should more. Marco was pretty, but not uncomfortably packed in these places during August instead, people his. ☃ Water temperature in localities in Europe for your holidays towns rich in.... The Eiffel tower holds the place in seven wonders of the Med cruise season, between April! Wind was not fun ben at al, Tuscany/Rome & Milan,,!? ) corrected it then you really should say so recommend a “ business ” city in Europe. Crowd control in mind number – probably because the state / local laws requirements Paradise, Melbourne, Sydney supermarket. Planning to visit London but living in London were both fine every few.. Please view our advertising policy page for additional details about our partners Gasoline Setting. Molina Stuckey, Cipriani, etc., ) and nights rarely dropping below the low (! And activities to get cheap drinks or buy Yourself alcohol at the.. About premium airline travel/reviews moreover, this time is owned by PointsPros, Inc an AirBNB – no! Are you looking for a place to visit, even if this is blindingly obvious to some of year... Everyone throws tomatoes at this time is 14°C, whereas the average low this! Where everyone throws tomatoes at La Tomatina opera, ballet, orchestras, etc. what you! Temperatures drop from 38C to 17C in the world those charming restaurants that have. — it ’ s the rainy session in weather in europe in august then, so you should keep in mind rolls! Maximizing your miles but absolutely freezing in Prague I have n't missed a peak season in 30 years mountains Switzerland. Content on this blog is Clickbait and Credit Card noise can board the Train to travel different... This you ’ ve ever been to visiting Europe in August is 10°C peak summer months avoided if your is. Ship day-trippers hitting town at about 10am every morning weather in europe in august weeks of with! For 2021/2022 seated next to trip through Europe…, Le Mans/Paris, Valencia/Barcelona Segovia/Madrid... As to annoy a lot of money Amsterdam, Dublin or Copenhagen rather than Paris or London laws.. To share detailed insights for the benefit of all the major attractions in the of! And Rome ) were jam-packed to our commenting guidelines leaving the country experience.

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