Having all the spokes tight with fairly even tension makes the wheel true and strong. Uneven or rapid tire wear is a clear sign. This indicates the rim has been deformed beyond the point where spoke tension can repair it. Changes to spoke tension will pull on the rim and affect its true. Spoke tension is best measured with a spoke tension meter (also called a tensiometer), such as the TM-1. By Tom Morr, automedia.com Difficulty: Difficult Estimated time: 240 minutes Most people think that wheel alignment is best left to the professionals. This article will discuss the truing of the common spoked bicycle wheel. The tool gives a reading of deflection of the spoke. Order Wheel Alignment - Tools & Supplies for your vehicle and pick it up in store—make your purchase, find a store near you, and get directions. This aspect is the most critical to brake caliper settings. RADIAL TRUE: this is the amount of up and down wobble. The spoke nipples labeled A, C, and E are on the left side of the rim and come from the left side flange. The option of loosening right side spokes is not very effective because the right side spokes at that section are already loose. To perform the wheel alignment, the vehicle is placed on an alignment rack (in the photo). The tire, when under pressure, is held in place by the rim sidewall. Only a light scrap is desired, bring caliper slightly away if scraping heavily. Each spoke pulls on a section of rim. Loosening nipple C will also tend to move the rim to the right, because on the constant pull of D. In order to see rim movement, a steady pointer is useful as a reference. Below the FAQ section we also discuss and diagram the three most important wheel alignment terms; camber, caster, and toe. Truing is occasionally needed to keep the rim running straight as it spins between the brake pads. The end with the head is then bent 90 degrees. Wheel is adequately trued for round when the deviation from the low spot to the highest spot is about 1/32 of an inch (about 0.5mm). Wheel alignment (or tracking) is an important part of car maintenance. Wheel alignment is not included in most auto manufacturers’ maintenance programs. Why Do Vehicles Need Wheel Alignment and Balancing? A 4-wheel alignment refers to adjusting all four wheels, which is typically required on all-wheel-drive models, with independent suspensions. LATERAL TRUE: this true is also called “rim run-out”, and is the side-to-side wobble of the rim as the wheel spins. If nipple appears especially tight, loosen spoke on same side as rub on indicator. To adjust tension at the nipple, first select the correct wrench. Tenhulzen Automotive - Digital Hands Free Camber/Caster Gauge, 0.1 Degrees Accuracy, No Turn Pla… The wheels also help slow the bike. Spin the rim and move the calipers slightly closer to the rim. Tightening nipple D will tend to move the rim to the right. Generally, spokes should be as tight as the wheel allows. Correct rub by tightening a left-right pair at the center of the rub. Keep moving caliper until either side begins to lightly scrape rim. Proper wheel alignment is crucial to responsive steering and to getting the longest life out of your tires. The equipment required for the job is a camber/caster gauge and something to measure toe. Locate closest nipple opposite to center of deviation tighten nipple. Spoke nipples B, D, and F are on the right and come from the right side flange. If front and rear alignment adjustments are possible, then you'll want a four wheel alignment. It may be possible, in some cases, to repair the wheel with adjustments to spoke tension. Move wheel back and forth in this area and check deviation again. If they are the same rim models they should look and feel the same. Rim caliper brakes, such as linear pull, cantilever, side pull, and dual pivot brakes use the rim sidewall as the braking surface. Each nipple effects relatively wide area of the rim. When truing a wheel, the wrench and nipples may end up being viewed upside down. If the wheel is not repairable by adjusting spoke tension, the rim has been bent and will need replacement. Another way to view it is up and down. You’re seeing this ad based on the product’s relevance to your search query. Rotate rim back and forth past caliper and find center of rim deviation. This is how to make wheel alignment at home by using just simple tools. Remove wheel from bike and mount in a truing stand. The lubrication of nipple threads should be done routinely because corrosion and rust in these threads will make the wheel un-trueable. Buy front end wheel alignment tools, turn plates & specifications for your car, bus, truck etc. Rims may become damaged from impacts, such as hitting a rock, pothole or curb. NOTE: If the wheel rim has been damaged and deformed from impact, such as during riding or even hipping, it may not be possible to correct the rim to a tight tolerance. Excess lubrication on the rim will affect the braking surfaces. PARK TOOL® and the color BLUE are registered trademarks of Park Tool Co. All other referenced trademarks and trademark registrations are the property of their respective owners. It can happen that a spoke becomes bent or mangled. Tighten each the same amount, beginning with 1/2 turn. Their pulling is offset by the pull of spokes on the right. Tighten nipple 1/2 turn. If the old hub is in good condition, the rim can be replaced and new spokes and a new rim laced around the old hub. So, if your spoke gets mangled during a crash, it is unlikely to be as severe a bend as the original factory bend. Top 5 Signs You Need a Wheel Alignment. Spin rim and bring calipers slowly closer to rim until there is a very light rub. In more depth, the process involves adjusting suspension components to bring the wheels into specific angles. There are a few easy ways to tell the wheels are misaligned. After making three radial corrections, stop and double check lateral true. Properly aligned wheels are essential to improving vehicle performance as well as maintaining your tires and steering system. Severe cases of poor centering can also cause handling problems, because the rear wheel will not track behind the front wheel. Spoke nipples are typically square, and come in different sizes. The surface can also be inspected by running a finger along the braking surface. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. Having wheels that spin straight and round adds to the bike’s performance. Is that a complete list of tools required? Broadly speaking spokes should be between 80 Kilograms force and as high as 230 Kilograms force. Spin the rim and move caliper for a light continuous scrape. This is true in many respects, but some alignment specs are easy to check yourself, and toe is one aspect of alignment that can be checked at home. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, All customers get FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon, Enter a new vehicle to add it to Your Garage and filter the results below, Tenhulzen Automotive 2-Wheel Alignment Tool - All-in-one (Camber/Caster/Toe Plates) - Made in USA, Tenhulzen Automotive Toe Plates Wheel Alignment Tool - Most Accurate Toe Plates on The Market - Made in USA. wheel alignment only necessary if your car seriously drift to either left or right side when you are driving straight when hands off steering. 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This process is called “truing”. Make sure the wrench is fully engaged on the nipple before turning. When spokes are manufactured, they begin as stainless steel wire on huge spools.

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